Motivational Checklist

The motivational sequence is an extremely powerful method for getting people to act. It is the key to getting action, making a sale or motivating a person.

This is a short list of the 5 steps of the sequence so you can check if your speech has covered all the right points.

  1. Get their attention

    Every speech needs an opening. Grab hold of the audiences attention. Make sure they are listening to you and paying attention before going on.

  2. Identify the need

    Show the audience why what you are motivating them to do is desirable. Preferably show them rather than tell them, i.e. make the need concrete rather than abstract.

  3. Satisfy the need

    Show the audience that there is a way to satisfy the need you have just helped them identify.

  4. Present a vision

    Show the audience what the outcome of action will be so they can visualize the benefit.

  5. Call to action

    Tell the audience it is important to act. Tell them how to achieve action rather than leaving them wondering. Make sure your call to action is appropriate to the audience. There is nothing worse than leaving the listeners all revved up with nothing they can do.

The headings for the items above were taken from an Article in the December 2002 issue of the Toastmaster by Caren S. Neile, ATM-S. The commentary about each item is mine.

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